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Marshmallow Roasting Sticks Smores Skewers: Stainless Steel Roasting Sticks for a Bonfire, Fire Pit or Campfire: 45” Extendable Roasting Sticks with Handles & Carry Pouch: 5 Kid Safe Hot Dog Forks.

DURABLE STAINLESS STEEL: Our stainless steel roasting sticks will last through countless campfires and eager children ready for smores; A non-stick coating makes the marshmallow goo easy to wipe off.

SOFT RUBBER HANDLE: A large heat resistant rubber handle with ergonomic finger indents helps you get a firm, comfortable grip on the fork as your marshmallows and hot dogs cook over the firepit.

TELESCOPING DESIGN: Control the length of your smore stick for safety around the campfire; It extends from 10 inches to 45 inches for customizable cooking along with convenient carrying and storage.

SAFE FOR CHILDREN: Have peace of mind while your kiddo has fun; the extending roasting sticks keep kids away from the fire and include rubber caps to cover up the sharp prongs when you’re done cooking.

SET OF 5: Make your camping trip or weenie roast way more fun with this set of 5 rotating forks; The heavy duty campfire cooking utensils come with a canvas carrying bag for easy storage and travel.

Unlike bamboo or other wood roasting sticks, our stainless steel skewers are reusable and strong - they can hold up to 1.43 pounds of food without breaking! A non-stick coating covers the non-toxic, heat-treated metal, making the sticks easy to clean even after cooking messy marshmallows. They won’t rust and are also dishwasher safe.
Nervous about cooking over a campfire? We designed our roasting forks with a red heat-resistant rubber handle for extra safety and visibility. But that’s not all - to improve your grip and comfort, we also added finger indents for a more natural feel in your hand.
We know kids don’t understand the dangers of being around a campfire. To help keep your child at a safe distance from the fire, our roasting sticks are telescopic and retract from 45 to 10 inches. The extra-long length leads to a safer operation around unpredictable flames. When fully retracted, the versatile forks can also be used to transport food from the grill to a serving plate.
While the telescoping design and heat-resistant handles are key safety features, we didn’t stop there. Our marshmallow roasting sticks come with protective PP plastic tips to shield the sharp metal prongs when the skewers aren’t being used. A canvas carry bag is also provided for safe storage at home or during your travels.
Whether you’re celebrating or just taking advantage of the warm weather, make your bonfire complete with some tasty smores, hot dogs and sausages, all cooked by our trusty roasting sticks! The 2 prongs prevent marshmallows from moving as they melt and making a big mess.
- Eastern Horses Telescoping Roasting Sticks with Rubber Handles
- FDA Approved Food Grade Stainless Steel
- Extends from 10 in to 45 in
- Includes Carry Pouch and Protective Prong Tips

Eastern Horses

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